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Ygg & Lyng Aften Outdoor
ygg&lyng is a fusion of modern forms and wild Norwegian nature. History, tradition and culture blend with new impulses and embraces and redefines Norwegian living.The design is flexible, functional and characterized by purity and sustainable materials. ygg&lyng represents the authentic and soulful. Urban and rural. Dear and innovative. Togetherness and individuality.“We are equally fascinated and inspired by shapes and structures in nature as in architecture and urban areas”
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Designed initially for indoor use, Aften now brings its style and versatility outdoors! Aften 62 dining sofa features three 110 cm modules—arm left, center, and arm right—offering flexibility, comfort, and sophistication to your outdoor spaces. Aften retains its elegant silhouette with contrasting curves and clean lines while using weather-resistant materials. Its soft and durable Pebble fabric is made from recycled bottles and post-consumer fabric waste, providing a practical and eco-friendly choice. With a sturdy marine-grade plywood frame, galvanized steel components, and quick-dry foam, Aften offers durability, flexibility, and a perfect addition to your outdoor dining area!
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