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Haniss Bicycle Parking Rack
Haniss AS is a Norwegian company specialising in bicycle stands and bike racks for indoor and outdoor use. We have delivered premium products in more than 20 years. Our factory, located in Ski, outside of Oslo, is a technologically advanced company with long and proud traditions. Haniss AS has always cared about the environment as well as quality in the production process. We use 100% recycled materials in all aspects of the production. The bicycle racks also blend aesthetically in with the environment.We have strict requirements on design, choice of materials and manufacturing procedures, and always ensure high quality products with a long lifespan and a minimum of maintenance.
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Haniss, One and Two Story Bike Racks, are sustainable and save space. The bike racks are high quality, very functional and can be delivered to any large parking lot for bikes in all of Norway. The production facility Johansen & Co Produksjon AS is certified by Miljøfyrtårn (environmental organization).

There are no movable parts which makes the racks low maintenance. Both wheel and frame can be locked to the racks. The racks are made of solid steel or zinc with hot-dip galvanized wheel tracks. The Two Story Racks are made to endure regular bikes as well as electrical bikes. Larger bikes (over 1 165 mm) must use the One Story Racks. To place a Two Story Rack, the ceiling height must be a minimum 2 300 mm. One and Two Story Racks are used in several BREEAM projects.
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