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Woodify Brannpanel Natur
Woodify® develops and supplies CE-certified and durable fire-retardant-treated solid wood and plywood with varying degrees of processing, for use in indoor and outdoor environments. We mainly serve construction companies and industrial customers, as well as the construction materials trade. With the widest range of fire-protected wood-products in Europe, Woodify® offers wood with enhanced fire-resistance for use in areas where traditionally alternative materials to wood are chosen. This unique product range makes it possible to make sustainable material choices even in instances where building code requirements calls for the use of products that possess enhanced resistance to fire.
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Woodify's Brannpanel Natur is a CE-certified and Type approved external cladding with enhanced resistance to fire (Euroclass B-s2,do). The cladding is fire-protected with a leak resistant fire-retardant that is fixated within the woods cell structure through a vacuum - pressure impregnation-process.

Brannpanel Natur cladding can be supplied in wood species like Thermowood® (Certified Thermo-D), Ceder, Accoya®, Oak and others. All wood species are CE-certified (CPR 305/2011/EEC), and Type approved (CEN/TS 15912 EXT / NS EN 16755 EXT) for durability (leak resistance).

Regardless of the wood species the Brannpanel Natur external cladding does not require any protective surface coating. The claddings colour will change over time to a fine grey patina as the wood ages and is exposed to the elements. The available wood species are based on its natural and long-term durability. As such, only species of the highest quality with natural good resistance to decay are used in the manufacturing process. This cladding can also be supplied without enhanced fire-protection (Woodify Natur).

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