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Måndalen Måna
Måndalen Trevare has been producing high quality furnitures since the first beginning in 1948. Proper craftmanship, creative minds, solution-oriented and eyes for quality and good materials has been our trademark all the way. Times changes, the methods renew themselves. The goal is always the same: Genuine and durable quality items in wood. Our location is surrounded by stunning nature as snowcovered mountain peaks and deep blue fjords in the NorthWest of Norway. The inspiration from our surroundings makes us aim to manage and utilize the raw materials in the best possible way. Our unique standard items has local names that gives identity. 
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Måna is a serie of smart and space-saving cupboard bed solutions. Solid, sustainable and easy to use, intended for use on daily basis. The start of Måna several years ago, was to develope solutions for the hotel market for family rooms. Over the years, there has been a need for smart bed solutions for other arenas within hospitality and in the private market in addition. Måna allows you to use the room for other activities during the day, and turn the room into a bedroom in the evening. Måna is named after the salmon river that flows through our beautiful valley, past our locations and into the fjord. Måna is also the name of a freighter back in the old days, that transported goods and people safely on the fjord to the haven. This gives Måna series belonging and identity.
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