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AJ Products Modulus Desks
Our success during the past 40 years has been built upon the following core values, which are spread through the entire value chain.The most important person for us is the Customer. We believe in long-lasting relationships and this can be achieved by being dedicated in everything we do, especially in connection with the Customer journey.By being efficient in our processes, we can afford to offer our customers even better products at the best price and at the right time. If something goes wrong, we should always be attentive and find the best solution for the Customer and AJ Products.By being knowledgeable in our area of expertise, we provide the customer with solutions that last for many years to come.
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Why sit down for the whole day when you could stand up and improve your health? By using a sit-stand desk from the Modulus range, you can vary your working position quickly and conveniently throughout the day. This is a simple but very effective way to improve your overall health and wellbeing. It also helps prevent strain injuries and decrease back pain by encouraging better posture and reducing the strain placed on the upper body by sitting. The electrically height-adjustable desk has an extra-long stroke length (the difference between the lowest and the highest working height). This provides great flexibility, improves accessibility for wheelchair users and makes it possible for each and every user to adjust the desk to suit them.

The corner desk’s T-frame is very robust and does not require a cross brace, giving you maximum legroom. The anti-collision mechanism detects obstacles while the desk is lowered or raised and reacts quickly to stop the frame from moving any further. This protects the desk as well as all other office equipment from accidental damage.

The curved desktop provides a large working surface and allows you to make efficient use of corner spaces. The desktop has a durable and easy-to-maintain laminate surface. This is an excellent material for a modern office with high demands for wear. Choose between several different desktop colours to match your other furniture. The desk top is reversible so you can have the return on the left- or right-hand side. Add a convenient modesty panel with an integrated cable tray for concealed storage of cables and power strips.

The Modulus furniture range is AJ Products' most flexible office series yet and is the result of our own design and production. Thoughtful features, plenty of storage and multiple colour choices allow you to customise a solution that meets your needs, whether your workplace is a small home office, an open-plan office or an executive office. The furniture is made to fit seamlessly side by side; thanks to this modular design, you can easily increase your storage as your needs grow. All to give you a more flexible and productive working day!
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