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Forestia One-Step Ceiling
Forestia is one of the leading suppliers of particle board in the Nordic region. The company is owned by Byggma Group ASA since year 2006. Forestia AS produce particle boards in various thicknesses and sizes both for flooring, interior walls, and ceilings. They also supply particle boards, both foiled and unfoiled for the furniture industry, and I-Beams. The ability to adapt has been one of the fundamentals of their very existence for over 40 years, and will continue to be so in the years to come. Therefore, they have consciously focused on continuous product development, whilst quality assurance at all levels is a priority.
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Forestia One-Step ceiling is a foil-covered panel, profiled on all 4 sides with tongue and groove and v-joint, it can be used in all rooms where there are no requirements for moisture-resistant materials. Forestia One-Step ceiling can be washed with any standard non-greasy detergent. The boards is suitable for the fitting of downlights.

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