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Fredericia Furniture Pato Collection
Fredericia Furniture began as a thoroughly Danish design house, born of a proud heritage. A heritage of unfaltering dedication to the perfection and progression of the design craft.Simple principles guide us along in our ambition to create and deliver a collection that we believe will be the modern originals of tomorrow. Simple principles that honour outstanding quality through a careful selection of materials, functionality and attention to detail.We are proud of our collaborations with a carefully chosen circle of international designers, all renown for their exceptional level of design integrity, as well as our ability to identify and nurture talent. 
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Pato is a prime example of our focus on sustainability and protecting the environment, reflected in a chair that’s 100% renewable and recyclable. All components can be incorporated into future furniture production, thus contributing to a circular economy by minimising the use of materials, resources, waste and pollution.

Merging traditional production methods with cutting-edge technology, Pato is a human-centric, highly versatile series of multi-purpose functional furniture that draws on our in-depth experience with materials, immaculate detailing and heritage of fine craftsmanship. Allowing us to apply our high standards of texture, finish and carpentry techniques to an array of materials in addition to wood for products aimed at a mass market.

With its clean lines and curves, Pato echoes the ethos of Danish-Icelandic design duo Welling/Ludvik. Demonstrating their belief that good design has the ability to be interesting, even when reduced to its most simple form. Where anything extraneous is eliminated and every detail has a purpose.

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