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Alsvåg PEVA 45
In 1979, founder Age Solheim started the production of roll-shaped roofing as the first in Norway.The business idea proved to stand the test of time very well: 43 years later, Alsvåg Plater is known both as an established brand and one of the country's leading manufacturers.
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All reinforced concrete decks are essentially cooperative decks. This means that the concrete absorbs compressive stresses in the construction, while the reinforcement absorbs tensile stresses. Adhesion between reinforcement and concrete, as well as reinforcement's design with chambers, means that these materials can work together, i.e. cooperate.

The big difference between traditional concrete decks and PEVA®45 cooperative decking is that the latter functions as formwork in the casting phase and reinforcement in a finished deck. When the form is laid, only a temporary support is needed. The distance between the systems varies from 1 to 1.9 meters depending on the thickness of the cover. Cooperation between concrete and PEVA®45 is mainly achieved due to the plate's patented sprains in the bottom groove.

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