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Vitrocsa Sliding
Vitrocsa embraces a simple philosophy – that less is more. Our unique windows offer an opportunity for architects and designers to create expansive, uninterrupted views, maximising the connection between inside and outside.What sets Vitrocsa apart from other window systems is the slimness of the mullions (18mm) and the large glass panes which can be used. This is achieved by ingenious Swiss engineering whereby the roller bearings are installed in the frame rather than the window pane, ensuring that they slide smoothly and are able to be maintained.Developed in 1993 by Swiss engineers applying precise watch technology to every component. Every detail and junction is reduced to its bare essentials in a quest for simplicity.
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The sliding window is a unique horizontal opening solution. The structure is anodised 25 micron aluminium alloy, in a natural colour finish. As an option, the powder coated or anodised versions are available in an infinite choice of colours. The roller bearing system is made from stainless steel specially adapted for projects near the sea. Fixed or sliding, the width of the vertical profile is 22 mm and is only limited by the maximum surface area of the glass. Button-locking available with two-point locking and cylinder locking with key. Motorisation possible.

Set on a single track, the sliding window allows its entire surrounding frame to be concealed. The exceptional finishes provide incomparable transparency on all four sides. And the expansive openings offer maximum light with the fewest possible visible profiles. The glazing and surface options are infinite. This new window creates space, light and freedom: the architectural barrier between inside and out ceases to exist.

This insulated invisible frame is available in a range of options: with one or several tracks, to meet the latest requirements. The single-track insulated invisible frame is a feat of engineering which combines flexibility with simplicity and quality. Always tailor-made, the minimalist sliding window offers a very attractive and varied scope of use. It can be adapted to different glass formats and demanding climates, and is designed to ensure an unimpeded view. The design has been patented.

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