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Namdal Ressurs Sub Vil Lugano
Namdal Ressurs AS was established in 1991, and has since then supplied equipment and other consumables to the waste industry in Norway. We are certified in accordance with NS-EN ISO 9001 and 14001 standards. Based on a strong professional environment and network, we are at the forefront of development, and can offer the most up-to-date products at all times. Relevant keywords for our solutions are low lifetime cost, great flexibility, high quality, user-friendliness and environmental friendliness. Our products meet the requirements of a highly result-oriented waste industry, future requirements - and the increasingly conscious and demanding users. 
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The Lugano throw-in column is characterised by an aesthetic and functional design. It is available in several sizes with top, tilt tray and double drum throw-in. This column allows a collection point to present a uniform appearance for all types of waste, even with different disposal capacities. It can also be upgraded with an access and fill-level control system. The Lugano throw-in column is compatible with all common emptying systems.
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