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Zero Trapets
Zero Interior AB was founded in 1978 with the vision of attracting the design elite and creating products that are unique in their kind. Unique design, and a deep understanding how a public environment is best illuminated, has since then been the essence of our identity. Zero has since then been involved in many projects both in Sweden and abroad. We manufacture the luminaires in Sweden because we believe in local anchoring and long-term relationships with both costumers and suppliers. Unique to Zero's all fixtures is the goal of creating exclusive environments where design beyond the usual is obvious, while not compromising with quality, environmental thinking or technology. Our keywords has always been innovation, quality, attraction and durability.
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"Toulouse, 1859: a young daredevil swings through the air on a wooden bar fastened to two ropes above his father’s swimming pool. That year, the curious hobby was first shown at the Cirque Napoleon in Paris, and the success was clear: the art of the trapeze was born. Some 160 years later, Note Design Studios’ Trapets was born, with a shape born from the classic circus device. Here, the fitting’s shade rests lithely over the trapeze, spreading a pleasant light over the work station."
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