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Atalaya House
Architects: José Jiliberto Architects
Year: 2023
Area: 1066 m2
Location: 29770 Torrox Costa, Málaga, Spania

The houses are situated in a coastal town, Torrox, 45 km east of Malaga, on a hill 600 metres from the Mediterranean Sea, which it overlooks from a panoramic vantage point. The irregularly shaped, elongated plot faces the sea, with a slight slope that descends towards the sea. 

The project for the two houses was conceived from the beginning as a castle or a stranded ship looking out to sea. The main house is on the north side, the highest part. The house is also a shell that embraces and opens towards the sea, the project takes advantage of the irregular shapes of the site to find its own form, an organism that folds and opens up to create the spaces of the houses. It is not a passivhaus, it is a house bioclimatically adapted to its location, a place of moderate temperatures, high humidity, heat in an extended summer. The house protects itself from the sun and the heat with its well insulated walls and porches and opens up to the cool winds coming from the sea, generating cross ventilation. 

The use of the same shade of white in the different materials, porcelain stoneware on the façades and floors, textured aluminium in the carpentry, local stone on the exterior fences, allows the play of curved forms to be softened and allows light and shadow to speak. The houses are an architectural experience, a being and a living that flows and coexists with the landscape.

Photos by Craus Fotografia