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Barca's Restaurant
Architects: Fabio Fantolino
Year: 2017
Area: Unknown
Location: Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, 24, 10123 Torino TO, Italia
The restaurant is spread over three floors, strongly characterized by a design that puts in close connection the ground floor and the first floor: the white of the walls and objects is simultaneously interrupted and tied by the insertion of a wallpaper with a peculiar blue motif framed by American Walnut profiles.

Tight cones allow to enhance the details without flattening the space. The room on the first floor, for example, was likely to be flattened due to its wideness and the choice of lights with narrow optical cones gives strong movement and dynamism.

Furniture help to create a warm and relaxing atmosphere: tailor-made lights, tables with various colored laminates and chairs recall the elegant design of the 70's.

Particular attention was paid to the fabric of sofas and seats. Blue sea-colored velvet and green dry cotton cover the three-level seats and warm the atmosphere of the room.

Barca's is the chance to breathe the atmosphere of the West Coast of the '70s, in the center of Turin.
Photos by Omar Sartor