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Architects: Skibnes Arkitekter
Year: 2018
Area: 850 m2
Location: Ladeveien 9c, 7066 Trondheim, Norge

Credo is a transformation of an industrial building from 1948 into a gourmet restaurant, a bistro and a public park.

In the process of transforming the old machine hall into spaces for recreation and hospitality it was important to preserve the characteristics of the industrial heritage while the spaces were friendly places to gather in and at the same time a place for sustainable food production and dining. The machine hall is one of few buildings left preserved in a formerly densely industrial area now slowly turned into a modern residential area close to the city centre. In this regard it was highly important to preserve this piece of architecture as a part of the cities history and an important identity for the new neighborhood. 

The placement of Credo in the middle of the area was challenging for the masterplan. Skibnes Arkitekter suggested early in the development of the area that the machine hall should be part of the public park area, half of it enclosed and the rest just a structure defining an urban park area. There has now been established benches and a playground on the concrete floor in front of the restaurant. A new plaza for the neighborhood. All around the restaurant there are plants and trees with edibles that Credo is cultivating for the restaurant, but also to share their knowledge with the neighborhood. 

Hopefully Credo will be an interesting place for the people of the city to come visit every now and then and most importantly a place for the neighborhood to identify with, eat, play, learn and enjoy themselves.

Photos by VISUALIS