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Deloitte HQ
Architects: iArk
Year: 2013
Area: 20 000 m2
Location: Barcode, Oslo, Norge

IARK was hired by Deloitte to carry out the interior design of their new headquarters in Oslo. Deloitte's vision for the premises: "A new standard for collaboration," has served as a guiding principle for our work in both the user processes as well as for the adaptation of various features and solutions affecting the entire building.

We were lucky to join the project at an early stage and have therefore been involved in setting the agenda for the various solutions implemented: Optimal use of space on all the office floors, planning of spatial sequences, locations of interaction venues, meeting and conference rooms along with silent and social zones. The building is designed by Snøhetta. As a consequence of its unique architectural design and central location, it will certainly become a landmark building in Oslo. To avoid creating conflicts with the building’s architectural features, interior related details are specially adapted to the distinctive facades.

Photos by Fritz Hansen