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GCP Wood Cabins Hotel
Architects: Atelier LAVIT
Year: 2018
Area: 23 m2
Location: Lac de la Lionne, 84700 Sorgues, Frankrike

The Eco-hotel is located in a fishing reserve in Avignon, France. The 14 suites evoke primitive buildings on the shore of the lake; floating on the water like rafts or on pilots like palafittes. The architectural work perfectly matches with the lacustrine tubes from which it resumes and rationalizes the elegant vertical thrust. The different densities of the vertical wooden screens around the hut guarantees the privacy of its customers as well as repairing them from the sun and the wind.

Building on a lake surrounded by vineyards in the south of France is a challenge. In a magical and untouched place like the Mediterranean maquis, nature is the only protagonist of the scene.

The imperative for the architect remains the absolute symbiosis with the existing landscape. Clients have envisioned this eco-lodge project choosing as a location an incredible fishing reserve in Ch√Ęteauneuf-du-Pape, a few kilometers away from Avignon.

14 suites, simple but sophisticated, reminding of primitive constructions in lake reeds: floating on the water like rafts, on pilotis along the banks like real palafitte or underground, like a troglodyte.

The architecture of the lodges dialogues perfectly with the lake reeds, taking up the vertical and elegant upward momentum and then rationalizing their arrangement, much more geometric, regular and repetitive. In this way the hut remains hidden by a wooden filter, like a light screen, that in addition to being the same structure for the parapets and the pergola, filters the direct view on the terraces of each lodge. Those vertical screens are of different densities and they allows to shelter from the sun and the wind.

Photos by Marco Lavit