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House in Pilaitė
Architects: INBLUM
Year: 2017
Area: 250 m2
Location: Vilnius, Litauen
This project is a contemporary reflection of the traditional Lithuanian country house. In days of old, a farmstead usually comprised of various purpose-oriented buildings of different sizes (farmhouse, barn, cattle shed, garner, etc.), logically arranged on a plot of land according to their function. For the project, we take separate blocks of differing size and height, each fulfilling its own function (living room, master unit, children’s unit, carport and verandas), and put them together to form a habitable cluster of contemporary living spaces.

The restrained exterior of blackened wood boards makes you feel comfortably sheltered from the chilly climate. In contrast, the bright and visually warm interior emanates peace and lightness. There are open-space verandas on different sides of the house whose brightness seemingly extend the interior. Owing to sheltered spaces and big windows, the boundary between being inside and outside becomes somewhat blurred, inhabitants easily finding themselves out in the open.
Photos by Darius Petrulaitis