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Architects: Liljencrantz Design
Year: 2021
Area: 250 m2
Location: Linnégatan, Stockholm, Sverige

Decorating other people´s homes is a deeply personal business to Louise Liljencrantz. Her work is widely recognised as extremely elegant and luxurious, from showroom and private home interiors to furniture design and bespoke solutions. And every project has to be just right, the Swedish designer and interior decorator begins. “Usually, clients contact us because they have seen and liked our work. But it’s happened before that we’ve been asked to do a style or certain quality we couldn’t agree with. My advice is always to find an interior decorator who aligns with how you want to live. As for me, it’s important to be perceptive in order to create a home that will hopefully exceed the client’s wildest expectations,” Louise explains of her approach. 

Case in point: the complete renovation of this two-floor, five-bedroom apartment with a 360 degree terrace view of the Stockholm skyline. While the building is from 1905, the original windows were unfortunately changed at some point, decreasing the character and charm. The apartment was also in dismal shape and not properly renovated by the previous owners, so Louise and her team had to begin from scratch. Fortunately, this gave them the opportunity to create the perfect floor plan for their clients, a family of three.

“At the clients’ request we made three bedrooms, each with their own bathroom and dressing room, as well as a joint kitchen and dining room area including a lounge area that connects with the hall and main entrance. On the top floor, we created a living room that leads out to the terrace with an outdoor kitchen. The home is very social, but still private due to the location of the bedrooms, which are placed in each corner of the apartment. When you live with teenagers this is the perfect setup,” Louise explains.

Photos by Kristofer Johnsson