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Mall of Scandinavia
Architects: Wingårdhs
Year: 2015
Area: 101 000 m2
Location: Mall of Scandinavia, Stjärntorget 2, 169 79 Solna, Sverige
The temples of commerce have always been theatrical; places to see and to be seen. To get a view over the attraction that a large mall is, will therefore be as important as to roam. That is why we have created plenty of places, bridges and balconies that will add value to the space. The joints between the materials and surfaces are reduced in order to enhance the content of the stores. The pluralism of the merchandise make a stunning contrast to the minimalistic detailing.

The architecture does not only create the structure, but do also set the stage. The visitors move in a figure eight. The loop makes a varied walk between four different places, shaped around the themes earth, wind, fire and water.
Photos by Wingårdhs