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MK5 House
Architects: ORTRAUM Architects
Year: 2017
Area: 230 m2
Location: Jollas, 00850 Helsinki, Finland

MK5 is the latest project of ORTRAUM Architects, built for one of the partners of the office and his family of five. The house is placed on a south-west sloping 500m2 site, located on the Jollas Peninsula east of the Helsinki city centre. The architecture features a central kink inplan, which (according to the Finnish tradition) avoids a direct view towards the neighbours, and leads the main spaces to face the ocean towards the west.

The building's relationship to the natural surroundings inspired the diverse placement of the windows, framing the changing views and daylight qualities in each direction. The open-plan living room is accessed from the north and located on the ground floor, sauna functions and building services are placed in the basement. The four bedrooms are located upstairs. The geometric layout of the plan accumulates on the mezzanine level, where the three children’s rooms and the master bedroom connect in the centre point of the building, allowing for multiple consultation options before bedtime.

Photos by Marc Goodwin