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Pixel House
Architects: Anderman Architects
Year: 2022
Area: 300 m2
Location: Tel Aviv, Israel

A while ago, in the year 2017, we promised new clients of ours that we know how to do a “gradient wall”. One that starts sealed but fades and disappears into nothing… into air. In hindsight, we promised quite quickly, not knowing the adventure that promise will take us to.

Why do you even need to fade a wall? We wanted to enhance privacy from the next door neighbor, while still giving ample daylight to the basement floor. To achieve them both at once, a fading wall seems like the perfect solution.

In the months and years since we have sweated a lot over that promise. We sweated because it took hundreds of work hours to develop the fading system. We sweated because to put that fantasy into a budgetary constrain is nearly impossible. We sweated, because we understood that although physics and photoshop both start with the letter P, that’s all the similarities they share. But we sweated mostly because we were sometime afraid. Afraid that we cannot rise to that challenge and that promise. That it might be impossible. The first site model was unstable. The second wasn’t light. The third was off budget. The fourth…. well… you get the picture. It wasn’t easy and it wasn’t simple.

In august 2022 we were finally able to breathe and wipe away all the sweat and the towels. At the end of that summer the wall was standing, just as we envisioned it - slowly fading to the sky.

Photos by Amit Geron