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Saya Park
Architects: Alvaro Siza + Carlos Castanheira
Year: 2018
Area: 1370 m2
Location: Nord-Gyeongsang, Sør-Korea
The Art Pavilion modified the hill site and also adapted itself to it. And we all also, adapted ourselves to the beauty of this project. There was a strong will to build this particular idea on that site and all the challenges were overcome. The forest pathway makes its way between high concrete walls, rough in texture, but elegant in form.
We pass an isolated volume, destined for study and information; the Library. We enter the Art Pavilion as if entering a sculpture that absorbs us and enables us to feel space, light, shade, time and also, what is before and what is beyond. Having come to the end of the route, we are presented with an external view of infinity.

Saya Park lacked a chapel. There were plenty of symbols for meditation and introspection, allowing visitors to experience moments of beauty out in the open. A space of internal beauty was needed. The Chapel building tucks into the hillside, opening up to the East and allowing in the light of the new day. It shares the location with other spaces of great symbolism and emotional significance. Its geometry is pure, because its function is also pure. As we enter, we are bathed in light from above that penetrates through a small opening. But its effect, its greatness, is startling.
Photos by Fernando Guerra - Jong Oh Kim