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Architects: LINK arkitektur
Year: 2015
Area: 10 000 m2
Location: Aker brygge, Oslo, Norge

The project is part of the Norwegian Property investment in revitalization of the outdoor areas, commercial areas and offices at Aker Brygge. The precinct’s developer aims to reinvigorate the district Aker Brygge by refurbishing the urban outdoor spaces, transforming the area’s retail concept, and introducing new office space. LINK Arkitektur’s landscape architects has focused on three main areas: Stranden (waterfront), Bryggetorget (the dock square) and the side streets with new entrances.

The outdoor spaces of Aker Brygge are a key part of the identity for the district. The main challenge was to simplify and remodel the street profile, creating more space for pedestrians by consolidating the various programs along the seafront. The pedestrian area runs parallel to the front of the dock instead of the facades of the buildings, providing room for temporary and permanent programs. Detailing of the granite paving has received special attention throughout the entire design process. The aim was to create a robust and non-directional paving surface, with few detailed accents and no obvious, repeating patterns. Three different modules were developed and employed in order to create a legible yet seamless integration of the various pedestrian, vehicular and shared traffic zones.

The concept for street furniture is based on diversity of form within a clearly defined framework in order to encourage social activity and flexibility of use. The project’s signature colour is inspired by ‘Signal Orange’; a remnant of Oslo’s maritime history, and often found scattered along its (post-) industrial waterfront. The street furniture was developed in cooperation with Vestre AS and furniture designers Lars Tornøe and Alte Tveit. 

Photos by Tomasz Majewski