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Taihang Xinyu Art Museum
Architects: Wang Chong
Year: 2022
Area: 1500 m2
Location: 5P8G+99C, Linzhou, Anyang, Henan, Kina, 456591
Taihang Xinyu Art Museum is embedded in the streets and alleys of Shibanyan Town, Linzhou, backed by Taihang and facing Cangxi. The building repairs the texture of the village and town, activates the old warehouses, and activates the landscape interface, as if growing out of the landscape, and realizes the integration of the old and the new in the cramped site. Sustainably reuse local old stone materials, revitalize traditional stone crafts, and create a multi-level public open space. Creative ways from the perspectives of sustainable economy, sustainable environment, sustainable artistic life, sustainable nature, etc. help people live a better life and build a better town.
Photos by Coppak Studio