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The Värtan Ferry Terminal's roof landscape
Architects: Nivå
Year: 2016
Area: 8000 m2
Location: Stockholm Värtahamnen, 115 41 Stockholm, Sverige

The Värtan Ferry Terminal's roof landscape connects to the urban development project Norra Djurgårdsstaden. Increasing the proportion of green spaces, for example through green roofs and park environments, is a goal of the project. The roof is designed as a public space where travelers, visitors, staff and residents can move between the different plans. Here, a hybrid landscape is formed between city and port, between building and park and between offices and recreation. The duality of the site will also consist in the meeting between the terminal as a transit site and the local neighborhood park, when the roof plan is connected to the new district of Valparaiso.

The roof landscape concept is inspired by the beach zone in the barren and weather-exposed archipelago landscape. The location is wind- and weather exposed as well as open and close to the sea. The proposal is designed with tall waving grass with flowering elements that create character and form an inner space and more intimate rooms.

Photos by Anders Thessing Robin Hayes