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Urban Park
Architects: Arkitema
Year: 2020
Area: 3700 m2
Location: Värdshusvägen 46, 145 50 Norsborg, Sverige

A rough and unsafe car park has been transformed into a welcoming outdoor living room for the citizens of Fittja. As part of a major redevelopment of the area, the project will create a safe space for people, regardless of their gender, age or mobility.An important part of the project has been a dialogue with citizens, where those who live and work in the area have the chance to say what they want out of the site. During this dialogue, it emerged that there is a general feeling that the area is unsafe, and that girls and women in particular could not make use of the outdoor area in the same way as boys and men.

The solution was to create an outdoor ‘living room’, where all sorts of activities can take place: gardening, table tennis, games, chess, or the possibility to take to the stage. This will increase the likelihood of the space being used by many people at all hours of the day.

The living room was designed using a cube as a starting point, as a counterweight and complement to the building on the site. The materials are long-lasting and durable.The living room is connected to the street through an urban park, centered around a ramp which creates places to sit and green space all while making the area accessible. There is lots of lighting and a good view across the whole area without any hidden spots. The space is currently used by people from all generations.

Photos by Sten Jansin