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Voksentoppen Kindergarten
Architects: TAG Arkitekter
Year: 2022
Area: 1340 m2
Location: Ullveien 10, 0791 Oslo, Norge

The intention has been to create a good and well-functioning kindergarten at the edge of the forest. With this project, we have tried to erase the edge between the forest in the south and the hard asphalt surfaces in the north. This way the kindergarten itself both expands and restores qualities from the forest. 

As of today, almost half of the kindergarten plot is a former parking lot. The kindergarten is placed centrally on the plot in the transition between the asphalt surface and forest. This way all wards of the kindergarten are ensured good and equal access to the outdoor play areas. The toddler wards have play areas in the flat, converted car park to the north, while the older children, with greater motor needs, have their activity areas in the sloping terrain to the south. Play areas are located along wide walkways throughout the plot to provide accessibility for all. A central location allows for a natural zoning of the outdoor areas between the age groups.

The area is characterized by large building volumes with flat roofs, and large, flat paved outdoor areas. The attachment area borders the forest on three sides. Existing vegetation is concentrated at the outer edges of the plot. A central location of the kindergarten ensures that existing trees in the edge zone are preserved and enables a continuation of the quality of the forest through the kindergarten site. For every tree that is felled, more than two new ones will be planted. The outdoor area of the kindergarten is also universally designed with wide walkways and includes sensory experiences with a kitchen garden. 

The kindergarten has a dark wood cladding as the main color to mix in with existing buildings in the area. Secondary building elements will be made of natural-colored wood that reflects the brown tones and materiality of the surrounding forest. Windows, window corners and the wicker fence around the kindergarten get a dark green color that also harmonizes with the forest. 

Contrasts in color and texture in edges, coatings and adjacent covers create natural guidelines. 

Client: Norlandia barnehagene

Photos by Lumo Portrait - Marta Kowalewicz