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Zieglers Nest
Architects: Rever & Drage
Year: 2020
Area: 152
Location: Reinhold Zieglers veg 12, 6414 Molde, Norge

This house was built on a steep and small site. In order to provide a moderate footprint, and thereby limit the use of concrete for foundations, the building was designed tall and slim. The location of the building towards the western end of the site preserves the views of the neighbours behind, while also providing a warm south-facing garden, sheltered from the westerly winds. The slender building also provides a wide variety of rooms such that a family of five can spread out when needed.

The building's other functions are distributed on the three overlying floors plus a roof terrace. The first floor has wardrobe, a laundry room and two bedrooms. The staircase up to this level, as well as the wardrobe floors, are in oak, which gives good durability in the area where you wear shoes and boots. The staircase leading further up is in pine, which is soft to walk on barefoot. The first floor is built in framework, while the top two floors are built as a log construction. For this reason, the staircases, which rest on the framework, are constructed independently of the upper floors such that the log construction can compress, without being hindered by the static parts of the building.

The second floor is the building's main floor with kitchen, living room and library. It is designed as a floating space with ample daylight from west, south and east. Lighting and views changes according to the different outlooks the rooms are facing. The tall windows in the living room face the scenic views of the Molde panorama with fjord and mountains to the south, the conservatory in the kitchen faces the sheltered garden to the east, while the library faces the close-up effect of a green pocket (white in winter time) to the west. The high window on the west wall of the living room provides a view of the sky and tree tops from the sofa area. The window to the east in the living room has a flower box outside on the sheltered side of the building. The living room has double height and serves both as a banquet hall and also catches and stores the sunĀ“s energy during the daytime. In the spring and autumn when the sun is both low and strong, the family can retreat to the kitchen and library in the daytime, while the inner log wall is warmed up by the sun and stores heat for the night.

The third floor has a bedroom and a bathroom as well as a gallery as part of the library. There is also a Romeo and Juliet balcony towards the living room for home stage performances. From the gallery you can proceed to the roof terrace for extra evening sun, starry sky and northern lights. The upper bedroom window has shutters designed to provide visual shelter from a footpath northwest of the building, as well as letting in the morning sun. 

Photos by Tom Auger