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Great White
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Örsjö Great White
Örsjö Belysnig AB is a company with roots deep in the southeast corner of Småland in southern Sweden. This is an arena known for its entrepreneurial spirit and strong tradition of design and handicraft, qualities that we’ve honoured for over seventy years.Today, Örsjö stands for timeless lighting fixtures and collaborations with Scandinavia’s leading designers. The fixtures from us are the result of vast experience, the sense of quality and the innovative spirit that has become synonymous with Örsjö Belysning.
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Great White was designed in 2011 by the design trio Claesson Koivisto Rune, and was first made for the prestigious Hotel Nibis in Stockholm. The shape is playful and consists of a swing-ajustable arm in raw brass, flexible like a fishing pole, high enough for one to be able to walk under. The lampscreen is made in off-white chinette, and resemble a big fish having just swallowed its pray. This is where the name comes in, in legacy of the infamous shark.

Great White lends its qualities to environments where the armature is allowed to play a subtle, but effective role in the interior design. This series reflects Örsjö's strive to allways work with the best materials and to offer a personal and durable design.

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