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Puck Series
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Örsjö Puck Series
Örsjö Belysnig AB is a company with roots deep in the southeast corner of Småland in southern Sweden. This is an arena known for its entrepreneurial spirit and strong tradition of design and handicraft, qualities that we’ve honoured for over seventy years.Today, Örsjö stands for timeless lighting fixtures and collaborations with Scandinavia’s leading designers. The fixtures from us are the result of vast experience, the sense of quality and the innovative spirit that has become synonymous with Örsjö Belysning.
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The Puck series achieves style through simplicity. A lamp that can easily become a firm favourite thanks to its light source, versatility and discreet design. A series that brings a sense of warmth to spaces despite the strict elegance of its form. A classic that is truly timeless.
It was in 1987 that the lighting designer Åke Hultgren created the Puck family. Each of the different models in this timeless series blends effortlessly into the setting in which it is used.

The compact ceiling lamp is available in versions with either three or five dimmable spotlights, all of which can be individually angled for optimally directed lighting or used to provide more general lighting. It is even possible to replace the knob on the underside of the ceiling plate with a hook, from which another light fitting can then be suspended. If you choose a crystal chandelier, for example, you can direct the beams of light from Puck to illuminate the glass prisms. Puck has now been updated by replacing the halogen bulb with a new LED light source that casts an ideal reading light.
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