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Fjordfiesta Krobo 200
Working with designers from different eras reflects Fjordfiesta’s belief in Scandinavian design; both classic and contemporary. Finding the essence of now is equally important to us as recognizing the legacy of the past and we are proud to be working with the creative minds like Anderssen & Voll, Andreas Engesvik and other talented Norwegian designers. Beside its passion for timeless classics of furniture design history, the company is also committed to young emerging contemporary designers who reflect the Scandinavian spirit through warmth, lightness, a high degree of craftsmanship, simplicity as well as functionality.
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Design: Torbjørn Afdal 1960

Torbjørn Afdal started as a designer at Bruksbo Tegne- kontor in 1946 and was among the most prolific post-war Norwegian designers. Today Afdal is considered one of Norway’s most famous designers. His furniture was among the collections of The White House and the Japanese Emperor. In 1960 Torbjørn Afdal designed the multi-purpose bench Krobo. It became an instant classic in Norway because of its unique flexibility and many uses. Now Fjordfiesta Furniture has re-launched Krobo in collaboration with Utopia Retro Modern.

With great respect for the classic bench the renowned duo Anderssen & Voll has created new accessories for Krobo that indicate its variety of use through added purposes and colour elements. Storage boxes, drawer units and pillows have all a muted expression that subordinates Afdal’s timeless bench, but at the same time gives Krobo new life anno 2014.
Krobo benches are multifunctional. Krobo is made from your choice of oak or walnut.
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