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Fjordfiesta Scandia
Working with designers from different eras reflects Fjordfiesta’s belief in Scandinavian design; both classic and contemporary. Finding the essence of now is equally important to us as recognizing the legacy of the past and we are proud to be working with the creative minds like Anderssen & Voll, Andreas Engesvik and other talented Norwegian designers. Beside its passion for timeless classics of furniture design history, the company is also committed to young emerging contemporary designers who reflect the Scandinavian spirit through warmth, lightness, a high degree of craftsmanship, simplicity as well as functionality.
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After succeeding in getting the first Scandia chair in production, Hans Brattrud returned to the drawing board to expand the technique into an easy chair. Scandia Junior was paired with a bigger version of itself: the Scandia Senior. The new chair proved to be a success, growing the range’s popularity outside of Norway and making it an outstanding representative of the golden era of Scandinavian Design at its best.

As late as in 2006, Scandia Senior received “The Interior Innovation Award” in Cologne and was nominated for “The Design Award of the Federal Republic of Germany 2007”. Simplicity, minimalism and functionality are keywords for Scandia Senior. The easy chair features an eye-catching, sculptural silhouette and a sense of lightness that helps it adapt to any room without losing its distinctive character. The tall back and the adjustable leather headrest provide superb support for the upper body and neck, and Scandia Senior is therefore an ideal seat for relaxation. Scandia Senior is available with a swivel base, bolt base or the original tilt system for higher comfort.

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