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Øvre Forsland Power Station
Architects: Stein Hamre Arkitekter
Year: 2015
Area: 150 m2
Location: Leirfjord, Norge

Norway already produces enough renewable energy from hydropower, geothermal power and wind to meet roughly all of its electricity demand. But it’s still building more power plants—and it is making at least some of them strikingly pretty. 

The Øvre Forsland power station is in the forested mountains of Helgeland, a Norwegian province just south of the Arctic Circle. It’s an area where few live, but many visit to see the wild and pristine landscapes.

“The plant has been designed to reflect the characteristics of the landscape, which is located on the river bed in a clearing at the edge of a spruce forest. The main inspiration for the design was the verticality and the irregularity of the spruce trees,” said the team that designed the plant at architecture firm Stein Hamre arkitektkontor in a statement.

Photos by Bjørn Leirvik