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Vestre Decay Edge Planters
Vestre develops designs and manufactures furniture for different public spaces. Strict requirements on design, choice of materials and manufacture procedures ensure beautiful high quality products with a long lifespan and a minimum of maintenance.Vestre has always focused on design, environment and quality in the production process, which has resulted in several awards from the Norwegian Design Council. Vestre is a member of the Ethical Trade Initiative Norway.Vestre has sales offices and production in Norway and Sweden. Sales to EU countries are conducted from our factory in Torsby, Sweden.
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HABITATS Decay Edge is part of the Vestre Habitats series, where the products are designed to protect and increase biodiversity in cities. The House bench makes it possible to frame and arrange logs and branches in an organised stack so that you can sit on the bench and watch the slow decomposition process.

Old trees are vital for conserving biodiversity, as they are home to many rare species of insects, fungi, lichen, mosses and plants. Many birds and bats need hollow trees to nest and reproduce in, and birds also need resting places.

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