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LK Hjelle Hal
LK Hjelle designs furniture with a focus on material selection and the quality of the craftsmanship. We produce functional and beautiful furniture imbued with great passion.Experienced professionals continue to be the company's most important resource. The high design requirements, careful selection of materials, good quality control and innovative solutions make it possible for us to compete with the best producers on the market.
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Even though the solid construction makes HAL suitable for public spaces, HAL features a sense of lightness and minimalism that helps it adapt to any room. All dressed up in ox leather HAL could easily become the perfect match for the private library.

Maybe Norway Says was inspired by Kubrick’s «2001 – A Space Odyssey» when they designed HAL? At least HAL is the name of a sentient computer appearing in the movie – and we cannot deny that our HAL would fit perfectly in one of the Space Odyssey’s stylish interiors. In 2003 HAL was awarded the Honours Award for Design Excellence by the Norwegian Design Council.

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