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LK Hjelle Siesta Trio
LK Hjelle designs furniture with a focus on material selection and the quality of the craftsmanship. We produce functional and beautiful furniture imbued with great passion.Experienced professionals continue to be the company's most important resource. The high design requirements, careful selection of materials, good quality control and innovative solutions make it possible for us to compete with the best producers on the market.
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SIESTA TRIO applauds the classic icon’s great correlation between design and function, but at the same time emphasises Siesta’s ability to stay unaffected by time.

To celebrate Siesta’s 50th anniversary, we launched SIESTA TRIO. Hence the name: SIESTA TRIO has three separate cushions that all together offer your body a unique comfort and extra support for your lower back. The threefold expression gives the chair a modern attitude and a playful design.Ingmar Relling’s son,

Knut Relling, is also a furniture designer and he worked closely with his father through all their career together. Knut was Relling’s right-hand man. Today Knut is still highly dedicated in continuing the legacy of his father through the Siesta chair. When Siesta turned 50 years and SIESTA TRIO was launched, Knut Relling was deeply involved in the process so that he could make sure that everything was done according to his father’s mind.

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