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Talgø MøreRoyal® Rectangular Cladding
Talgø MøreTre AS is a Norwegian supplier of timber products in MøreRoyal® to the construction industry and project market, within cladding, terraces, decorative planking and roofing. MøreRoyal® is first-class, pre-treated timber, ready for use. The products have been double- treated – pressure-impregnation and boiled in oil under vacuum. The result is unique properties that make them ideal for the professional market. The Concise Collection® is a range of timber products specially-developed for modern architecture with straight lines, sharp edges and a cleaner look.
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MøreRoyal® cladding is first-class, pre-treated timber, extremely popular for projects where standards for quality, low maintenance, durability and low environmental impact are high.

The stains on MøreRoyal® are transparent, allowing the structure of the wood to remain visible and giving it a living surface. There will also be a slight variation in surface colouring due to heartwood, sapwood and knots absorbing oil and pigment differently. The combination of different stains by MøreRoyal® in projects gives a varied and exciting look.

MøreRoyal® is rated as having an exceptionally good environmental profile, based on the ECO-product industry standard, and is therefore used frequently for BREEAM-certified buildings. Our PEFC certificate documents the use of sustainable ingredients, and we have the EPD environment declaration on our products.

The Concise Collection® is a range of timber products within MøreRoyal® specially-developed for modern architecture with straight lines, sharp edges and a cleaner look. 

Rectangular cladding is one of the most common in Norway, found in a range of dimensions and thicknesses. A range of different design themes can be achieved, based on which boards are used above or below. Most commonly used as vertical cladding. 

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